“The Living Art Marine Center is a one-of-a-kind Hawai‘i attraction;
a true hidden gem on O‘ahu.”

Witness the beauty of Hawai'i's underwater world with Honolulu's interactive mobile marine center. The Living Art Marine Center is a one-of-a-kind family attraction providing
hands-on and interactive learning of our underwater world.
Ranging from birthday parties, family fun events, school programs, and more; we make learning about the ocean FUN. Come and explore with us!

We will visit your school with live animals and interactive curriculum Reef Walk We will bring live animals to your birthday party.
Outreach Program
Save on transportation cost and let us come to your school with hands-on and live animals programs.

Reef Walking
Explore the shallow water reefs and tide pools around the island and discover what critters call it their home.
Birthday Parties
The new Shirts & Shrimp birthday package is already everyone's favorite. Make your own pet shrimp aquarium, print a shirt, and touch animals is all included.

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What's new with the Marine Center? Are there any reef walk programs scheduled this month? What public events will the Marine Center be at? All these, and other questions will be answered by Facebook Page.

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