Happy Easter

Punahou School's Kahi Bisho started his photography hobby two years ago.

Silk screen your own t-shirt and use fabric markers to decorate it with pastel colors.

With Easter upon us, we have designed some special themed activities for in the end of March and the beginning of April.
Why not get creative and make your own Easter bunny gourd using a variety of materials?

Or how about silk screening your own shirt with pictures of fish and then color them with pastel colors.

There are two days to enjoy Easter activities:
Saturday March 21: 10-12 p.m.
Free admission between 10 and 11:30. Make your own t-shirt or decorate a gourd (material fee applies).
Saturday April 4th: 10-12 p.m.
"Under the Sea" Easter Event
For only $2.00 keiki admission, you can go on a scavenger hunt and earn Easter eggs or a small gift. Self-guided tour and touching animals is included. Crafts are available for a small fee.

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Kahi Bisho proudly shows off his Ocean Photography. Exhibit will be open Octobe 1st through November 30.
Come during our April 4th "Under the Sea" Easter event. For just $2.00 admission per child you can touch animals, go on a scavenger hunt, and see many beautiful fish.
Small material fee applies to do craft activities.

Camp Squid - Early Registration

Young explorers learn about marine life during Camp Squid
Young explorers learn about marine life during Camp Squid.

Stretch out your arms and tentacles and reach beyond your imagination with Living Art Marine Center's Camp Squid.

Camp Squid is a week-long half-day camp for kids entering first grade through sixth grade. Camp Squid information can b be found here.


Note: registration forms will be made available when registration starts on April 1st.

Click here to find out about Camp Squid.

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Touching animal is an important part of all of our education programs.
Touching animal is an important part of all of our education programs.

Hawaiian Shallow Reef Animals
Design your own Christmas tree shirt using shells and sea stars.
These two cute Porcupine Fish were found during our spring reef walks in shallow water.

We're having such a great time with finding Hawaiian reef animals during our reef walk programs that we decided to make a little feature about it.

Hawaii's shallow water reefs are not as barren as they sometimes seem. There are many different environments that can be explored without actual swimming.Think about habitats with rocky shores, sandy bottoms, muddy flats, sea weed havens. All these habitats support their own set of creatures ranging from porcupine fish, moray eels, trigger fish, octopi, box crabs, anemone hermit crabs, and box fish.


Reef Walks are offered monthly. Registration is required.


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There's no limit to your creativity.
There's no limit to your creativity.